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Night Light Tulsa

When & Where?

Thursday Nights:
202 N. Maybelle, Tulsa, OK
Under the bridge at Maybelle and Brady

We meet for orientation at 6:30pm. Please be present at orientation if you are going to volunteer for the evening. We begin serving our guests at 7pm and will end at 9pm. Clean-up is from 9pm-9:30pm. If you are bringing a group of 10 or more please schedule. Any individuals or groups less than 10 can show up any Thursday.


Night Light Tulsa is an opportunity to build relationships with members of Tulsa’s homeless community and inner city neighborhoods. Night Light began in September of 2013. We currently serve between 200-250 individuals every Thursday evening under the bridge at the intersection of Maybelle and Brady. As a volunteer you will serve in one of many areas. We offer a warm meal, clothing, essential items, books, foot washing, a kids zone, hosting, etc. Through these stations, our hope is that our guests will know they are important and cared for. We know that you will find yourself humbled and changed as lines are erased and people connect.

In the course of a quick 15-minute set-up the Night Light bridge quickly transforms from a dark forgotten space into a small city filled with tables, chairs, food, people, and love. The first thing you’re likely to see when you first walk under the bridge as a guest is the food line, but that is only the beginning.

We serve an average of 400 hamburgers, 100 gallons of drinks, and 500 bags of popcorn in a night. Not to mention slushies, ice cream, and all sorts of other goodies depending on the weather. There is a place for everyone under the bridge and we would love for you to join us!


  1. All volunteers must attend orientation each night before volunteering. If for some reason you are late, you will be directed to a one-on-one orientation before being placed at a station.
  2. Volunteers should NOT bring anything to add to the Night Light stations. All items needed for the evening will be supplied.
  3. If you choose to bring a donation with you, a bin will be available near the van each Thursday. Please place the donations in the bin when you first arrive at Night Light. If it is a large donation ask NLT staff where they would like for it to go.
  4. No outside food products will be allowed to be served at Night Light. If you are interested in providing an item, please contact Night Light staff prior to Thursday.
  5. Food Handlers and Foot Washers are required to wear gloves.
    Children under the age of 16 must remain with a parent at all times. No running up and down the sides of the bridge or playing away from parent.
  6. You must stay within the parameters of the bridge at all times. If you need to leave early, please ask a staff member to escort you to your vehicle.
  7. No cash or personal information should be handed out at Night Light.
  8. No photography of guest allowed.
  9. If ever you feel a conversation is inappropriate, please walk away and let a staff member know if it needs to be addressed.
  10. If you have a contact or business that is interested in supporting Night Light, please contact Night Light staff to work with you in this process. Please do not solicit in City Lights/ Night Lights name.
  11. Step out of you comfort zone and be changed! Have fun! Tell a friend!